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The Flying Dorito(s)

On the quest to have easy access to my phone for both visual and fitness metrics documentation, I figured it was time to explore the handlebar bag, especially after failing with the saddle tool roll.
After scouring the market I felt the options looked a little slow and dumpy.  Most handlebar bags are either a rectangle or cylinder shape and to me, neither shapes look good on the front of a bicycle that has any self respect. Inspired by the “The Mighty Ducks” flying V, a triangle shape seemed more aerodynamic and streamlined. I figured it was worth a shot to make a couple samples to see how it looked and how it might fare on our local rides.
The first Flying Dorito with the yellow zipper was just a shell which collapsed because as it was only fabric and had no internal structure to keep the dorito shape.  Channeling my best sustainable self, I thought bubble pack mailers seemed like a light weight water-resistant option, so I sewed a set of matching bubble pack mailers to each panel at the seam allowance and it held the Dorito shape much better.
I thought the yellow zipper version was too tall so I made the shorter MK-2 dorito with the red zipper which looks way more streamlined and aerodynamic and ready for the next gravel time trial.  The MK2 while having great looks is exploding at the seams trying to hold my phone (it needs another 1/2″ width) but it holds cookies and sweet potatoes wonderfully (trail necessities). These bags both use the purple camo cordura, PU coated zippers, 1” camo webbing with a system of triglide and duraflex rectangles to easily attach and adjust the bag on the handlebar.  Not only can these bags carry phones and snacks but the straps also are great for holding extra layers to keep in easy reach as the weather changes throughout the day. Minus a little rubbing on the back side of the yellow zipper MK1 these bags have been a great success.  The next big improvement will be to use waterproof fabric, sealed seams, and YKK aqua guard zippers, but since I don’t live in Seattle any more and can choose to avoid the rain it’s on the back burner for now…