All purpose hoodie with Schoeller fabric


In  January 2016 I had the opportunity to travel to the Schoeller fabric warehouse sale in Switzerland to purchase some amazing softshell fabrics to make my own gear. At the Schoeller fabric sale the fabrics were labelled with article numbers but no other information so it was just a guess as to what fabric I was actually purchasing.  One of the stand outs was this stretch 3 layer fabric with a two tone jacquard face, an inside layer of wool jersey, and between them, a thin layer of stretchable rubber.  I made this hoodie last winter to be an all-weather option for any occasion.  So far I’ve taken it hiking, cycling, and walking around the city and it shines around the 40 degree F mark. The inside of the fabric has a consistent cooling feeling and has dried very quickly after uphill hiking sections, leaving me warm, dry and ready to carry on without needing to stop for layer changes.