Schoeller Hoodie and Polartec Hoodie

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Heating Up with Schoeller and Polartec

The Schoeller hoodie I made earlier this year turned out amazingly well but I wanted some feedback from friends, so I mailed it to Seattle to be tested in other environments. Since the original blue hoodie was a one-off, I was left without one of my own and I decided to test some more fabric options and make myself another one. I had also promised my Seattle friend a black hoodie, so I cut out both black Schoeller Dryskin softshell fabric and dark charcoal Polartec 200 fabrics for testing.

Both fabrics sewed together quite well, though the PolarTec fabric was a bit more difficult to join the seams with my home serger. Both fabrics made great garments, and I’ve been wearing the Polartec frequently as the weather has gotten colder. I love the look, stretch, versatility, warmth, and breathability (it looks amazing under a shirt jacket). My friend has worn his around Seattle for a few months now and loves it, his feedback being that it sheds water, dirt, and pet hair water extremely well while being warm and breathable plus it doesn’t get smelly and doesn’t need to be washed frequently, just like a true outerwear piece. The only issue he found was the fabric has a low melting point and he acquired a small hole from a stray campfire ember – a small price for all the benefits of the piece! I sent him a self-adhesive gore-tex patch so he can cover the hole and wear it like a badge of honor.