Reduce – Reuse – Improve

There are many ways to create a sustainable product. One of my favorites is to repurpose and get the most out of the products that are already in circulation.  In most cases, I go out of my way to buy a used garment before a new one, and if I do get something new I will do my homework and then maintain the item to make sure it is something that will last.
 Another of my favorite ways to practice living a sustainable life is to analyze the garments I use the most, and how they could be improved to expand it’s usefulness. That is where this patch pocket came into being.  I had this pair of shorts that I loved:  super durable, stretch, water resistant, breathable enough, but they just didn’t have enough pockets. Since I used them primarily for biking, I figured adding a pocket that could hold my phone, which I use for tracking fitness data and navigating trails, as well as my mini tire pump.  With a goal of keeping things as light as possible and testing Dyneema’s limits, I cut out a piece and used a TH Zipper with reflective stitching and then zigzag stitched it directly on to the thigh in the perfect spot just behind the side seam.  I’ve worn these shorts and used the pocket many times now and the 1oz Dyneema looks just like it did when I first sewed it down.