NeoNyt Summer 2019 – RePack

The problem with recycling is the energy needed to turn a single use product into a new one. The original item must be separated, transported, sorted again, returned to raw material state using heat to melt the plastic/metal or broken down with water for paper and cardboard. This recycled raw material is then usually mixed with a portion of new virgin material to begin the process of making the new recycled plastic/metal/paper container. The amount of energy and the carbon footprint is sometimes higher than using virgin material. There are very exciting new options making their way into our lives and I’m very excited to adopt them into my life by seeking out companies that are using these circular reusable packaging products.

Repack had a booth at the NeoNyt show last week where they showcased their reusable packaging service. RePack can completely remove the energy needed to recycle the cardboard or bubble wrap we have been using with the much better option of reusable packaging. RePack completely replaces the current packaging model including incentivizing the consumer to return the envelopes.

Another reusable packaging full service for household items is LOOP, which completely removes the need to recycle by reusing each part of product packaging and containers.

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