NeoNyt Summer 2019 Gemini Cad

The quest for responsible sustainability includes reducing the amount of water used in the garment production process including; growing crops, producing synthetic polymer fibers/yarns, dyeing, printing, garment washing, and consumer washing. The printing process uses the least amount of water to apply color to fabric.  Gemini Cad and Multi Plot have taken it a step further using a selective printing sublimation process and automatic cutting based on the printed shapes which reduces water needed by not printing the full width of the fabric. Gemini and Multi Plot are using the Sublifusion process to print directly on natural fabrics by adding a very thin poly sheet to the face of the fabric before printing. This process could also be used for on demand production, avoiding the need to keep stock of finished garments.

The process begins with the digital pattern pieces combined with the print.

Gemini Cad Software creates the printable marker.

The marker with the printed designs are printed using Multi Plot on paper for sublimation/Sublifusion with the Epson printer.

The Multi Plot sublimation/Sublifusion process transfers the printed designs from the paper to the fabric.

Multi Plot printed pattern pieces are cut out from the non printed fabric using the Gemini pattern recognition technology and are ready to be sewn into garments.


AutomART – shaped textile digital printing


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