Magnetic Belts

Magnets!!  While shopping for supplies to make bike bags and stuff snacks I came across magnetic buckles from Fidlock and WoonJin.   I didn’t know how to best utilize them, so belts seemed like a great testing ground.  With some leftover webbing for other projects I whipped these up and have enjoyed using them but through the process I discovered a few things:



Love the look of this Fidlock magnetic buckle and the camo webbing but the webbing is a little too soft and flexible which makes the webbing ride up between belt loops which is uncomfortable. Otherwise this belt has been great.



The reflective stitching in this webbing is awesome, and I love how the grey color makes the reflective stitching blend in to achieve a more tonal belt.  The magnetic buckle is from WoonJin and is very easy to use, along with being low profile.


This blue webbing is the perfect weight, a good mix of being stiff enough to be easy to thread through belt loops, but then not riding up between the belt loops either.  The magnetic buckle is a Fidlock slide release.