Jacquard fleece cycling jacket

I love cycling, mixing patterns and reflective trims for the aesthetics and the functionality.  While going through all my trims and fabrics these pieces fell together.  The fleece jacquard pattern and colors remind me of the Paul Smith 531 cycling collection. 

Fleece sleeves was the original plan but I only received one of the two yards I ordered from Rocky woods and the table I use at home is too small to layout all the pattern pieces at once.  I also forgot the amount of fabric sleeve patterns consume so there wasn’t enough fleece fabric to make the sleeves so I used the navy soft shell fabric and lesson learned, I need to lay out all pattern pieces before cutting.


To accommodate the cycling position the front length of a cycling jacket needs to be shorter.  This was a great opportunity to use the 24″ zipper and add a collar.

Since I haven’t made a sleeve pattern in 15 years I figured I would make a test sleeve using the navy soft shell fabric to make sure the sleeve would fit and sew to the body correctly.  The sleeve cap width of the first pattern was way too small so the sleeve cap width was increased.

Rainbow reflective printed zippers are from TH zipper, perforated reflective tape from Shindo, Polartec 200 jacquard fleece from rocky woods fabric, blue stretch woven on front pockets and sleeves and rainbow reflective splatter print fabrics from JH Textile.