It’s the little things

Recently I’ve been cycling 80-100 miles a week to ensure I fit into my Tux for my wedding in September.
    With all of this daily biking, I was getting tired of keeping my repair kit and spare tube in my jersey so I started shopping around for a new saddle bag.  The bag I’ve had for 20+ years was too large and cavernous for the kit I like to bring on a quick ride around the park and as an old style bag it would sway a lot, causing the contents to rattle. If you have spent much time in the saddle, you are all too aware of the silly little noises from your bike that can become an obsession to remove in order to keep it from distracting you from the impending suffering. I also wanted to have a bag that I could keep my phone in without it getting banged up by the other contents so it would need some kind of divider to separate the phone as well.
    I scoured the interwebs for the right bag, read way too many reviews and came out the other side a week later with the thought of just making my own.  This simple tool wrap was my first idea, made of a fabric tube that would create 3 divided compartments by folding the tube in thirds.  This would have a tunnel for a Voile ski strap to attach to the back of the saddle rails.  This succeeded in being silent unless going over large bumps.  It failed as being an easy way to hold a phone for quick rides because the way I placed the strap it was very difficult to attach to the saddle and the bag would not hang or stay securely attached while accessing it as storage.  It also rubbed on the seat post bolt creating a hole on the tool roll with black fabric.  After these trials and errors, it was time to ditch the tool roll and engineer/design a better version.