In-Vesting my time

Making the best of being home to work on some sewing projects.  I’m starting by making a body block for future projects and rather than tossing a fit block sample I used the opportunity to refresh my sewing skills. Here’s the process.

-Sketched out the style I was thinking of


-Laid out the cut lines with tape on a fleece vest

-Picked the measurements to start with


-Made the pattern then applied the cut lines to it for the future

-Started with only the body to make sure the fit was good

-made adjustments to the pattern, increased the armhole drop and scooped more from the front armhole, increased the sweep

-Rather than tossing the sample I figured I could use some stray zippers and fabrics to practice the sewing techniques needed for the next sample.

-I marked the pocket shapes and placements directly on the sample to see the placement and layout.  I didn’t even make pattern pieces for the pockets since they were just for fun but the shapes turned out pretty good.

-Making a covered pocket zipper welt on a 100 gsm stretch fabric that can’t be pressed was very very difficult, even with under stitching, so no more of those, sticking with zippers on cut lines from now on.

-I made a baseball collar to accommodate the body length I wanted and make use of the 24” zipper I had so there was no zipper left  for a stand collar
-Next up will be the final garment….