Flooded timber camo tights

I wanted some tights as the temperatures dropped and but didn’t like any of the options on the market.  Its time our cycling options expand beyond black and solid colors.  I was inspired by Dklein and other cool cats from the west coast to look into different camo patterns so I picked up some brushed back Powerstretch jersey with flooded timber camo print from   I added reflective zippers and perforated stretch reflective tape on the leg openings.  Heavy elastic sourced from Rockywoods and closed mesh knit fabric from Brrr to add some comfort and breath-ability to the back of the knee. The knit fabric on the back of the knee stretches more than the camo fabric which makes the yellow fabric bunch up and pucker more than I would like.  I’ve never felt it when wearing these but it’s a visible issue so for the next version I plan to reduce the size of the yellow fabric and slightly increase the width of the pattern to give more ease to the camo body fabric.

This was on a group ride with HB cycle club in Jersey when it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

I didn’t have any official pattern paper the day I decided to make the pattern so I carefully deconstructed a couple of paper grocery bags.  I didn’t make a separate pattern piece for the back knee panel because it was easy enough to use the block pattern with seam allowances marked then finish with a ruler after marking the sides on the fabric before cutting.