Camo Cycling Jersey in the wild

One of my favorite rides makes a loop over the Tappanzee and George Washington Bridges, and includes some of the local gravel trails like the Old Croton Aqueduct, South County Trail, The Esposito Trail and Tallman Mountain State Park. The loop is around 60 miles with an elevation gain of 2700ft, and also includes the amazing Henry Hudson Drive through the Palisades Park in New Jersey.

This was the second time I’ve ridden it, and have now completed it in both directions with clockwise being my favorite.  With a recent snowfall a few days before the ride I set out for an expected dry and easy ride because the roads were completely cleared, but once I got to the off-road sections I found a mixed of 1-2″ of compacted snow and ice.  The snow does smooth out a lot of the larger bumps, but there was a constant chatter from the micro-bumps as my 35c gravelking tires dug into the snow, which was a completely different riding experience from when it was bone dry on the first ride.  Overall I never felt like I had to slow down until I got to the South County Trail which has been recently paved. The snow had melted and refrozen into ruts from previous riders over the last couple of days making it a little slower going.
At the end of the ride I was able to coordinate with a friend to meet up in Van Cortlandt Park to photograph some items I’ve developed and have been testing this year: pictured are the Flooded Timber Camo Jersey and tights, plus the Kona half frame bag and reflective saddle bag.
Bonus spotting: A DeLorean with a dog as a co-pilot in Piermont.